Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3DS Mania

After hearing one of my friends talk all about it, I've decided to give way too much info on the 3DS. Here  is tons of stuff, good and bad, about it.
  • You want to always make sure that the 3D is fit for you. Some people don't care what level the 3D is on, it works for them, period. Other people are not so lucky to share the same fate. if they don't play in their sweet spot (a place somewhere that you can have 3D looking the cleanest) they will start throwing up. It is also to note that the 3D slider will slip and go down the meter, taking you out of your sweet spot. You might also, depending on the games you buy, want to move the slider up or down, because different games have different levels, so to speak.
  • Don't try to "see" the 3D effect. It will just ruin the feeling of the 3D effect, and hurt your eyes. instead, look at the back screen and you'll "learn" how to see the 3D effect. This will save your eyes the burning sensation that follows trying to look at the 3D.
  • AR games need good sunlight to work properly. otherwise they look terrible and they don't play out as well as you'd like them to.
  • Blow on the mic. to make the icon spin around and around. This is really fun if done over friends back. It can drive them crazy though, trust me. So you better watch out! Great, I must sound like Santa. I spent about 10 min. doing this to a friend. Really, though, watch out. This is also not suggested to do to an easily annoyed friend.
  • You're able to use the gyroscope to control 3D effects when in camera mode. So you would blow into the mic. to get bubbles, sparkles, ETC. Then tip your system downwards, and then you'll see the stuff follow the rules of gravity. ( When I say downwards, I don't mean to lower the 3DS, I mean face the 3DS's two exterior cameras to the ground.)
  • Playing the StreetPass Puzzle Quest is very addictive, And I have to admit that the only one of my friends to own a 3DS (as of the time this was posted) hasn't heard of it. You should try it. It is GREAT. trust me. There are puzzle pieces to collect, and several puzzles to complete. Some of them are Kirby, Pikmin, Zelda, and New Super Mario Bros.
  • The color of the surface of the water matters. In Free Fishing, you are able to catch different fish depending on the color of the "water," you'll be allowed to catch different fish. Red gets you Cheep-Cheeps, for example, and yellow gets you Mr. AR.
  • When you make a Mii, you get asked what your favorite color is. You'll notice that this changes the color of your shirt. But it does more than that, it gives you special powers in StreetPass Quest. Some are environmental conditions and others are elemental attacks.
This is all! There is a list of some 3DS games.
Note: Depending on the time and place you read this, some of the games might of not been released.

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