Monday, October 10, 2011

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

This is so cool! Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (Sonic RPG) is the first (and maybe last) Role Playing Game That sonic stars in. the blue blur is now being followed with some other friends as well. (There probably isn't a sequel, and if there is it will probably be on the 3DS) the friends include Tails, Amy, Shadow, and Knuckles. There are also two villains that you get to "play" with. There is a good storyline here that got me and all my friends the first time through. You are also able to control what sonic says, choosing from the helpful (nice) to the downright rude. don't worry, though, you can't loose any team members that way. In fact, it can be downright amusing. Otherwise people should leave this game to a RPG or Sonic the Hedgehog frantic (I being both) because after you beat the game all you can do is level up, collect chows, and watch the storyline again. Even I got tired after 30 hours. I'll get a good video.

Rating: 7/10

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