Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-land Mayhem!

The third installment in the Mario VS. Donkey Kong series, you would know what to expect. This is a Mario game where you take control of "mini Marios," little wind-up playthings, to defeat donkey kong, who has stolen mario's poor used-to-be girlfriend, Pauline. Don't expect to be able to directly control the Mario's, though, as you can only put springs, pipes, and other items to alter the Mini Mario's course. As there is a downloadable version on DSiWare, though, you'd wonder why you should by this . I'll tell you why you should at least consider buying this game. This game version has a construction mode, a mode, where, after you complete a test, you are allowed to make your own levels, and you show off your level by letting someone play it. This is inter-wounded with the main mode. as you complete levels in the story, you get items that you are allowed to use in construction mode. This is only one of the things that is refined in the DSiWare version of this game.


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