Sunday, October 16, 2011

Super Mario 64 DS

This game is an add-on to Super Mario 64. I really like this game, so, depending on what matters most, you might think differently of this game than I do. I will say that if you go to the wall world as Wario, tell me what rabbit you find. whenever I go there (as Wario) I hear a rabbit's footsteps, but I can't find anything. Here are the pros and cons (ups and downs) of the game:
+ story. I know that everyone wishes that Bowser would capture princess peach for a good reason, but here you need to battle him three times, and every one of the arenas are special and only in this game.
+ you don't need to beat every level once, you just need 80 stars to beat Bowser and free princess peach. I'm really thankful for this, especially since I really, really hate ice worlds. The ice is so slippery, and its hard to aim your jumps, making you fall into a pit, hit freezing water, ect. The best thing is that you're able to just skip over them and go onto another "world" (picture.)
+There are 30 secret stars that you can unlock by jumping into certain things (pictures, drawings, a patch of light ect.) and then going though the level and wining.
-Controls. The controls feel faulty, making it hard to make that perfect turn. another thing I dislike is that your supposed to do a mission one way, but people cheat and use cannons(I dislike people who do that) to get to their star.
-Wario. I really wish that he would get a job somewhere else. like being an archaeologist. Wario would make a great archaeologist. I mean, really, he could use his terrible farting power to find an ancient vase. just don't include Wario! (Sorry, Wario fans, I don't like Wario.)
Rating: 8/10 3DS Rating: 9/10
Here is the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) trailer:

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