Monday, October 17, 2011

Sonic Colors

I was personally worried about this game, but I believe that Sonic has a cheerful , colorful life ahead of him. The game, while a bit on the short side, (10 hours for the main story, at most) is fun and catchy. The new feature is the Wisps, and I like them. Not only do they fit the "Sonic" theme, I think that they are a great gameplay factor that make the game, and they give sonic some insane powers! There are three things I dislike about the game:
-You go so fast that you can't find some of the secret areas that are placed out of the way. You could run along an strait then go though a loop, missing a jump that could get you 10-20 rings.
-You can't find invincibility or shield boxes, and ring boxes are rare. you might be able to get though the whole game without seeing one.
-You can't use a spin dash to get up a slope. This I find very disappointing because in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 I didn't run fast enough, so I needed to spin dash my way out of the slope.
On the opposing side, here are some good things about sonic colors:
+The Special Stage isn't as hard as it used to be. You need 50 rings to get into it. I wish you good luck holding onto them (the rings) and making it!
+ The boss stages are hard. For some people it won't be a surprise and dis me, but what if boss stages where easy? That would be really sad. I mean, look, if the boss stages where easy, then there would be no fun beating them, which might lead to boredness, which would make earning new stages boring, therefor taking away half of the game's fun.
+The opening video is so cool! I hope there is more videos like it, but I think that it is one of a kind. It was still cool, though.
 Rating: 7/10
Talking about videos, here is your video:

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