Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Webkinz is a PC game, and though some PC games stink, this one is pretty fun. It's main bump in the road is that you might not like stuffed animals, but these ones are worth the pay, and there are "little kinz" with prices that average at about $5.33. The animals can also be a nice way to entertain someone who does like stuffed animals(make sure you keep the code, though, it is important. There are many things to do around Webkinz world from playing in the arcade to make money through watching TV in your room. The other thing is that you only have a year to play before you lose your pet. you can enter other animals on the same account, to make it last longer. It all comes to this? Do you feel "babyish" with a stuffed animal? If you don't You should like this game. 
Review: 8/10

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