Friday, September 2, 2011

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky

Pokémon: EOS (Explorers of sky) Is like the two pokémon mystery dungeon games that came before it. It has the same plot: Time is breaking down when you, a human from the future, go back in time and turn into a pokémon. It's up to you and your partner to form a team the stop the world's paralysis! Yeah, the same story. One of the biggest features is that you are able tho play special episodes, adventures where you are able to play as different pokémon in new dungeons. You'll want to get it if you really like time or darkness/you haven't played time or darkness/you would like to play the special episodes.
Here are some EOS "codes":
Q21YQ 8%@7S#Q 0+3XF
0@#MT -509YMQ =%#49
 =QTN= %@TR50K 9R43#
0-TY6 N3-7RN1 &Y#92
KTHY7 52W77M4 3@PQY
5MXCT &5F3+Y1 W8PQ7
0773P 3=%9#Y& PWRT&
okay... Here is a video sample:


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